About Us

Shenyang Shengda Chemical Co., Ltd. is a chemical enterprise engaging in R&D and production and is a production and sales-oriented enterprise that specializes in chemical reagents and fine chemicals. It mainly engages in producing chemically pure, analytically pure, indicators, biological stains, dyestuffs, fine chemical materials, inorganic sales and other products, which are widely used in chemical analysis, pharmaceutical, electronics, photosensitive materials, textile printing and dyeing, and other industries. Leading products are thymolphthalein, o-Cresolphthalein, phenanthroline, bromophenol blue, bromocresol green, bromcresol purple, bromothymol blue, methylthymol blue, calcein, Giemsa stain, Coomassie brilliant blue, phenol red, murexide, nickel reagent, Litmus, fluorescein sodium, methylthioninium chloride, basic violet 3, phenolphthalein, and etc. Shengda has established independent production base on the periphery of Shenyang. At present, the marketing model taking production base as production center, Shenyang as sales Center and radiating China has been formed.


Adhering to principle of surviving on quality, developing by service, the company positively attracts talents and cooperates with scientific research institutions, universities and colleges. Based on modern enterprise management model, massive investment in new technologies and perfect service philosophy, we can offer the clients favorable services.


The company adheres to tenet of "integrity-based and mutual benefit" and operation philosophy of "quality first and client top", and it would like to make friends with people all fields and offer you excellent services.


Corporate culture: loyalty, learning, innovation and integrity!

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